We believe in community, in walking through life together and growing together through conversation and connection, but we know that doesn't just happen without the opportunity to share time together. So that is the purpose behind "connect groups", to take an evening in our week to get to know each other and build community together. 

Kelly Rayner, who's been involved in connect groups through our church says this: "The purpose is to grow together, to learn from each other, and to go deeper in our faith. Sunday morning we celebrate the goodness of God with worship and a message in church; connect groups is an extension of that, where we can actually discuss what we've learned and continue to grow as christians, gaining knowledge and understanding, as a church and as individuals."

We hope you know you're welcome to join, and we encourage you to connect with Pastor Kelly for details. 

Connect Groups typically run through the school year and break for the summer, so take a look at our facebook page or click here to stay updated on summer events that we do over the summer!

- The New Life Team -