New Life Community Church was planted in the fall of 1992 by Bruce Ford and his wife Ellen, and was planted in affiliation with the PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada). The first official service of New Life Community Church was held on October 20, 1992!

In the summer of 1992, Rev. and Mrs. Bruce Ford and their family moved to Kindersley, SK, to begin a new church plant called New Life Community Church. By late fall of that year Pastor Bruce and Ellen had things ready and the first services were held in the local bar. A short time later, services were moved to the convention room at the Kindersley Inn. Attendance varied but God moved very early on in those services. Their desire was for it to be a place of refuge for hurting people of all walks of life.

In 1995, New Life Community Church moved their services to the Norman Ritchie Centre. This allowed Pastor Bruce to have an office and the congregation had access to a kitchen to have more fellowship time as a group.

In early 1996, Pastor Robert White and his wife Shannon moved to Kindersley to help work with the growing youth group. Pastor Rob held a job outside the church but did a wonderful job encouraging the youth in their daily walk with God.

In January 2000, Pastor Bruce and Ellen let the congregation know that they were moving to Stony Mountain, MB where they remain today. Soon after that, Pastor Rob announced that he had taken a position in the Prince Albert church.

After much prayer it was decided to invite Rev. and Mrs. Kelly Froese and their family to lead the Kindersley church. Pastor Kelly held his first service in May. The decision to purchase a building was a big one, but finally in 2001, everything was in place, renovations were done by congregation members and the move was made. NLCC was now meeting at 303 5th St. West where we are today! The building was originally the Brethren in Christ Church so everything was there – sanctuary, classrooms for Sunday School, washrooms, office, and a kitchen! It was great to not have to book meetings weeks in advance or to pay extra for every time a small group wanted to meet. In June 2008, Pastor Kelly announced that he would be stepping down as leader of the church, and he remains an active part of our church today leading Men's Floorball on Tuesday Nights

The first Sunday in November, Rev. Jonathon Bloomfield led his first service as the new Pastor. He and his wife, Nicole and their family were a welcome addition to the family. In December of 2010 Pastor Jonathon resigned. From December 2010-December 2011 we had in-house pastors step in for services; they were Pastor Lloyd Griffith, Pastor Kelly Froese, and Pastor Brian Linaker.

In February 2012 Pastor Mel Versluis arrived with his wife Karen and four girls. In 2013 Pastor Mel hired Associate Pastor John Schultz who joined us with his wfe from Ontario and began leading our youth ministries amongst other responsibilities. Pastor Mel pastored our church from 2012 to Spring of 2016 when they announced they would be moving to British Columbia. During that time Associate Pastor John Schultz was offered to become Interim Lead Pastor while the Search and Discernment Committee sought after God for who to hire, and he accepted the position.

In March of 2017 the Search and Discernment Committee presented their candidate that they unanimously agreed was who they felt God was leading them towards, and after prayer the congregation met for a meeting and voted for Pastor Kelly Froese to return as our new lead pastor! It isn't a usual thing for a church to hire a pastor who is already at the church and it was a first for many leaders to experience this type of transition, and in this process the committee and church truly felt God's direction in this choice as well as His confirmation, and we trust in the Holy Spirit's leadership. On August 8th, 2017 Pastor Kelly Froese began his journey in the position of Lead Pastor at New Life Community Church, and it has been a blessing to have him! We look forward to the leadership he will bring as well as the heart he has for loving people and loving God. We're very blessed to have him in leadership here and are ready to support him in the ministries ahead for us, for our community to feel loved and included in what we're doing and to love our community like Jesus loves us.

New Life Community Church continues to be a place where hurting people are healed, where lives are changed and renewed by the power and love of God, and where people find a place to feel at home which is our continued hope for you!  Feel free to join us Sunday’s @11am right here in Kindersley, SK or get in touch with us anytime. We're here and our lines are always open if you need someone to reach out to.

- New Life Kindersley -